Link to Bill O'Reilly

by Bob DuCharme

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You don't need to read him or watch him, but you should create a link to this article, in which he fusses about whether Buster the Bunny and our children should know that two-mom, no-dad households exist in the world. His syndicate is trying to intimidate the News Hounds site ("we watch FOX so you don't have to") into removing their link to the column, claiming that the link is a copyright violation. Of course hyperlinking isn't a copyright violation, but many have found that fighting for their rights on intellectual property issues is an overly expensive alternative to backing down, and they need more people standing up with them. Permission from the owner of a link destination should never play a role in your ability to create the link. More at Stay Free.


2005-03-04 16:15:29
so where's the link?
A hyper link to the bill o'reilly article would be priceless from the o'reilly tech site.
2005-03-05 10:55:10
so where's the link?
When an O'Reilly Developer weblog entry is focused on a particular link, you'll usually find the URL under the title and picture at the top of the entry.
2005-03-10 10:43:08
so where's the link?
Dear Bill,
I know a way that the University of Colorado could get rid of that clown. 1)Cut out the whole department and regroup under a new title, 2)all offerings new as well, 3)the new department would be available to all, including the present professors, 4)the same opportunity to Chamberline, 5)he must prove his credentials, he can't as they have the goods on him already, 6)the successful ones maintain their tenure.
The new president, if he or she, has any guts, would cause our nutsy professor to go to extended court battle.
From an old educational administrator who never hid under his desk, in times of strife.