Linking to Specific Pages of a PDF File

by Bob DuCharme

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Jon Udell points out the technique for linking to a specific page of an Adobe Acrobat file, and includes an example that goes right to page 100 of the U.S. Energy policy. What a nice surprise—I didn't think this country had an energy policy!

But seriously, Adobe has documented the syntax necessary to name the page where you want to send the user, along with many other REST-like parameter that control the display of the PDF file. To be honest, my attempts to go to page 100 of the energy policy document went to page 1, but Udell's link to page 6 of the "PDF Open Parameters" document (as demonstrated by the link in this paragraph) sent my browser there with no problem.

I've searched for find an equivalent syntax that let me link directly to a specific point in an Microsoft Word file, but never had any luck.

Meanwhile, Jon continues his valuable work on making it easier to link to points within audio and video files.

Do you know a way to create a URL that links to the middle of a Word file?