Links and observations

by Giles Turnbull

The Get a Mac ad campaign. Now, I know it only makes a positive verbal mention of Microsoft ("We both run Microsoft Office"), but if I were on the Windows development team I'd feel a little uneasy about this. It just seems a little ... aggressive. Is that the right word? And another thing: by making the PC guy look like a dork, isn't Apple being a bit insulting (just a bit, mind you) to a lot of potential customers?

Rob at asks: Does anyone even use Sherlock and Watson anymore? The comments to the post make the answer clear: no.

Ever wondered how to add the iPhoto image browser to your application? Involking the iPhoto browser, (or the iTunes browser, for that matter) is as simple as running a one-step Automator action. VoodooPad creator Gus Mueller points out that when combined with a method for programmatically running Automator Workflows, this becomes a quick solution to the problem.

John Gruber: Good journalism: "If Goodin wanted to be reasonable or accurate, he could have written a story titled "Some Guy Double-Clicked a Trojan Horse Virus for Mac OS X but It Didn't Actually Spread to Anyone Else", but what kind of story would that be? OK, it'd be a true story, but it wouldn't be a good story."

Fiendish Master Plan: "So basically, you can create and add to an arbitrary number of running lists (the names and nature of which are up to you) from within a single text file." I should so be trying this out.

Finally, an intriguing rumor: what if (warning: popups, sheesh) Apple built BitTorrent into Leopard, and offered users iTunes credits in exchange for helping out with the huge bandwidth implications of future online video/movie retail? Now there's an idea.


Robert Daeley
2006-05-02 15:30:59
And another thing: by making the PC guy look like a dork, isn't Apple being a bit insulting (just a bit, mind you) to a lot of potential customers?

You mean like somebody referring to their customers as dinosaurs for not upgrading their Office product? ;)

2006-05-02 15:34:34
popups? What browser are you using? Looks fine for me with Camino... ;)
2006-05-02 15:43:33
@ Stridey: I'm using Camino too! With popup killer enabled! And I still got one in my face. That's the only reason I mentioned it; Camino is usually so good at ridding my browsing of popups that I hardly ever see any, and when I do, it can be a bit of a shock. :)
2006-05-02 15:47:22
@ gilest. Nasty nasty clever popup makers. I just got one too, by deleting cookies and reloading the page.
2006-05-02 16:00:13
Perhaps I'm naive, but I thought the new adverts were quite endearing.

I haven't seen anyone else mention this, so perhaps it's just me... But doesn't the Windows guy remind you a little of Bill Gates? I feel the glasses certainly contribute to the resemblance.

Andy Lee
2006-05-02 17:06:22
I didn't like the ads at first, but they've grown on me. I think the PC guy's dorkiness is quite toned down compared to what it could have been.
2006-05-02 22:55:08
I personally though the ads were rather subtle and enjoyable. As a theatre minor I particularly enjoyed the characters and the moments they had together. I I thought it was simple, subtle, and honest (from an acting perspective, not necessarily an information one). My Windows using friend really didn't like them though, so maybe that's just me.
2006-05-03 04:07:09
@Gary: My thoughts exactly! That´s is the unknown long lost brother of Bill Gates!
2006-05-03 08:09:38
Get a Mac:

You gys (including Giles) don't get it:

He's not a PC gye, he's a PC!!!
And the other is not a Mac guy, he's a Mac!!!


2006-05-03 08:38:23
@ macounet: Um, yeah, I had realised that. When I typed "the PC guy", it was because it was quicker than typing: "the character personifying the PC"...
2006-05-03 13:05:44
and it's not insulting PC's users to say that PCs are dull!
(of course _some_ PC users will identify themselves with their PCs...)
2006-05-03 14:10:14
Giles - with regards the What If BitTorrent thingy, I remembered that Dr.Dobbs had an article on a similar concept called MediaGrid last year.