Links and observations

by Giles Turnbull

Here's a neat trick for turning newly-imported photos into a fresh album in iPhoto. And did you know about "New playlist from selection" in iTunes?

GTD nuts: anyone tried Hot Plan?

The Powersquid surge protector looks like, um, a squid. Apple Matters says: "The protection it provides to your equipment is superior and well worth the cost of this product ... And with it's unique design, you won't feel compelled to shove it under the desk like you currently do for your powerstrips. The cephalopod design takes a garbled mess of electrical cords and turns it into a work of art."

Make Thunderbird look like Mail. Well, if you must.

India's MoneyControl blog is now reporting the Leopard+BitTorrent rumor from yesterday as "fact"... you might want to wait for the official release before saying that, guys.

Terminal alternatives. Altermintives?

Camino 1.0.1. Hooray!

TextMate tricks, including an awesome-sounding hack for using TextMate as Mail's external editor. Cor.