Links and observations

by Giles Turnbull

Top 10 tips for Mac users getting started with Windows - Microsoft makes things plain for people wondering what to do with their new copy of XP running in Virtual PC. Might come in useful for Boot Camp users, too.

SyncupX is a tool for backing up external disks, USB drives and so on. "A note on security: You probably donĀ“t care so much about the security of your OS, but we do. When backing up system files or the like it is necessary to run the backup task as root. This is for some reason and not just anyone on a system should be allowed to do so. For now SyncupX does only allow you to do that if you ARE root or use the headless mode with proper authentication prior to each backup."

Oh nice: The Quiz Press is a simple to create quizzes for print or web. Here's what the app looks like in use:


When you preview a quiz as a web page, it actually creates it as a .swf Flash file, a nice approach. Also, the word "thwart" appears in the preferences, a feature in itself in my opinion.

Otto's Garage is a weblog about Automator stuff; delve into the archives, there's some good tips to be found.

ATPM has an excellent review of that excellent backup application, SuperDuper.

So, are we going to see some new iBooks/MacBooks tomorrow? Wait and see!