Links That Caught My Eye

by Erica Sadun

Apple Store's Refurb iPod Blow-out Continues Get 'em while they're still there and cheap. $29 shuffles.

iPod Etiquette Margaret Mason of the Morning News offers basic guidelines for "enjoying your music without sacrificing your manners.".

Goodbye to the iPod clickwheel? MacNewsWorld reports on a recent Apple Computer patent filing for a touch-sensitive frame that surrounds a display.

Greek Mac Users Demand Dedicated Greek Apple Site Macworld UK reports that Greek Mac users are, um..., revolting: '"In an attempt to stimulate the interest of those responsible for the ongoing, unacceptable situation in Greece with regard to Apple products and services, the WeWantAppleGreece website has been created, by Greek Mac users," the protestors say.'

Viiva la iTV? TechNewsWorld reports that Apple may be using Intel's Viiv chip to power it's upcoming iTV. "Intel has not been able to explain effectively what it is and, as a result, the market hasn't been particularly excited about it on Windows. However, Apple knows how to sell and with a problem where the technology is good but the marketing's not, Apple has the skills to make a huge contribution."

Urban Dictionary defines iPod "Everything wrong with western society contained within a small media player" and more.


2006-10-30 12:10:50
Ugh. You had me interested in that Viiv story until I saw it was by that hack, Rob Enderle. Really, that guy knows nothing but self-promotion. Please, in the future, don't link to stories by him as if he is an authoritative source. Your credibility will thank you.
Erica Sadun
2006-10-31 17:58:59
Thanks for the tip, IainD.