Linux Desktop Making Major Gains via Intel

by Tom Adelstein

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Today on, two of my collaborators joined me in writing a story about Intel's Government Assisted PC Program in rural China. Word of the program came from a source we believe came from inside Intel. Basically, the story is a leak.

As we researched and vetted the article, I came to realize that the company could single handedly replace Microsoft as the largest supplier of Desktop software globally. Their initiaitves in developing nations staggers the imagination.

What did we learn?

Intel has approached the market correctly by cooperating with Governments in India, China, Brazil and other countries. They have put money to work in those places so that the countries involved become self-sufficient.

The PC's Intel makes are high quality, low priced units. For example the system in rural China costs $350 and has Linux as the "user-friendly" OS. Rural China looks like it will have 4000 service centers to sell, educate and service the PC's.

The press in the United States has missed the boat. Intel has contradicted the Microsoft story and is proving Linux works.

What did we want to know?

Why Intel won't do the same thing in the United States.

Bravo for Intel and now let's see the poor people in our country get similar treatment to those in the rest of the world.