Linux Foundation Exec. Director Says Collaboration with Microsoft is on the Table

by Todd Ogasawara

I saw Jamie Cannon's announcement that the second Microsoft Open Source ISV Forum will be held at the upcoming Infoworld Open Source Buisness Conference (OSBC) later this month.


Any chance for interoperability discussions between Microsoft and Open Source developers is good news for end users like me. But, what really caught my attention was this quote from Jim Zemlin (Linux Foundation Executive Director) in InfoWorld...

Linux Foundation: We'd love to work with Microsoft

InfoWorld: Apparently, Microsoft is going to get together with the Eclipse Foundation next week. Are there any accommodations between or collaborations between Microsoft and the Linux Foundation?

Zemlin: Not at this time, but we'd love to do it.

I think the article's title is a bit of an overstatement based on the actual response to the interview question. But, what the heck :-)