Linux in a Windows World

by David Brickner

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Love 'em or hate 'em, analyst groups are good at some things, including getting businesses (especially big businesses) to talk about what technology they are using and why.

A recent press release from the Yankee group states that businesses use a mixture of operating systems (no surprise there) and the prevalent mix is Windows and Linux. Windows is already everywhere, and Linux is increasingly paired with Windows in corporate computing environments.

But the Yankee groups warns that getting these two operating systems (and some would say different philosophies) to work together is not always easy. O'Reilly understands that, which is why we published a book on exactly this subject a few months ago. It's called Linux in a Windows World.

This book is about many of the points where Linux can be strategically placed into your network. Do you need centralized authentication for Windows and Linux machines but don't want to use Windows? This book shows you how. Do you need your Linux machines to authenticate against an Active Directory server? Not a problem? Centralized print services running on a reliable Linux machine? CUPS is your answer. Want a gateway email server to do spam and virus filtering before you email gets to your MS Exchange groupware server? Linux in a Windows World covers that too.

If you're a Windows or Linux system admin and you need advice and HOWTO steps for integrating the two operating systems, I strongly suggest you take a look at this book.