Linux kernel summit joined with Ottawa symposium

by Andy Oram

Ottawa Linux Symposium
was sold out six weeks in advance this year. In a poor economy, this
achievement attests both to the dedication shown by free software
developers and to the importance of this unique forum, which provides
a meeting-place for serious open-source programmers to get real work

The annual
kernel summit
(an invitation-only meeting of people responsible for the Linux
kernel) is being held in Ottawa in conjunction with the symposium,
reducing travel costs. Some funding came from Usenix and OSDN, while
the organizers of the symposium handled logistics. Canada was also a
convenient location in light of many programmers' refusal to travel to
the United States after its government's invocation of the DMCA to
arrest Dmitry Sklyarov.

The Symposium is deliberately kept small, on the recognition that the
most important work goes on in the hallway or in meetings
after-hours. They hit their ceiling of 500 attendees in May. Organizer
Andrew J. Hutton says, "I was very impressed, especially given the
dearth of money for travel." An article about the symposium is
available on
Hutton has recently started a company called
that does Linux embedded work and other consulting, and offers
RPMs for FreeS/WAN,
with the social goal of making the security offered by IPSEC tunneling
more widespread.