Linux vs SCO: An opinion from the BSD point of view.

by Derek Vadala

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Greg Lehey has written an excellent article for Daemon News on the Linux versus SCO debacle from the point of view of a BSD user. (Or at least from the point of view of one BSD user).

One particularly interesting hypothesis:

Linux source code is freely available. UnixWare source code is not, even less than many other proprietary UNIX implementations. Thus it would be easier to copy code from Linux to UnixWare then from UnixWare to Linux.

Lehey also has a page tracking the debate.

Will the SCO Lawsuit cause a run toward BSD operating systems?


2003-06-05 15:34:43
where did the code come from
If there is identical code in both SCO's unix and Linux, it is even more probable that it came from BSD.

Remember that the grounds for UCB's countersuit against AT&T was that USL had incorporated large portions of BSD code without proper attribution or copyright. Who knows if that was corrected after the settlement?

All we know is that 3 files of USL code were removed from BSD, and that 70 more were allowed to remain in 4.4-Lite and be freely redistributable.

So there is BSD code in Unix, and Unix code in BSD. So is it any wonder that Darl McBride can't figure out where a few hundred lines really came from?