LinuxWorld 2006 opens as companies adjust to pervasive open source

by Andy Oram

As I write up the first day of LinuxWorld Expo in San Francisco (tutorials, no exhibition), I detect a flurry of jockeying and adjustments by companies in recognition that 1) open source is successful, 2) open source is here to stay, and 3) perhaps most powerfully, open source advocates won't give up agitating for what they want.

A lot of talk was generated in the week before the expo by the Intel announcement that they were releasing an open source driver for one of their advanced 3D graphics controller chips. At the same time, Sun let journalists know that they would provide an update to their plans to open-source Java. I also received two or three emails and phone calls a day from companies announcing that they were open-sourcing their products or creating new open-source products. Since companies that have made this announcement in the past don't seem to be folding up and dying just to satisfy cynics, I see open-source business models as a growing trend.