LinuxWorld Boston - 5 days away!

by Greg Corrin

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The ten day forecast for Boston is calling for light snow showers on Monday, the first day of LinuxWorld tutorials.

Have no fear. We here in hearty New England are used to venturing out in inclement weather, especially after the record breaking dumping of snow we got last month. For those of you coming from out of town, however, please dress accordingly - and try to take public transportation whenever possible.

The O'Reilly staff in Cambridge, Mass., will laugh at next week's showers, but to be prepared, we started loading up boxes of books and Make magazines early.image
Our fearless Open Source editor, Andy Oram, is seen here holding the Third Edition of Linux Device Drivers and Make magazine - both are new this month. Also hot off the presses and appearing at the show are Linux in a Windows World, Linux Network Administrator's Guide, Third Edition, and Linux Server Security, Second Edition. We'll be selling these new titles in our booth, and featuring a great lineup of speakers.


Will you be coming to Boston in rain, sleet, or snow? How much precipitation would have to fall before you would stay home during LinuxWorld?