LinuxWorld Expo 2007 report

by Andy Oram

I ran into a beehive of standardization activity at LinuxWorld Expo this year. The outcomes of these efforts aren't the traditional standardization documents, numbingly complex yet short on critical detail, that companies have to rush to implement. Instead, the outcomes are working code, the open source way to achieve interoperability.

This blog will talk about two organizations I met with and their members--the Linux Mobile Foundation and the Open Solutions Alliance--plus other interesting people I met at LinuxWorld Expo.


Melisa Bleasdale
2007-08-13 15:21:59
Thanks so much for the mention in your LinuxWorld overview. We had a lot of interesting traffic to our booth, much of which was driven by the announcement of our successful scan of the OSA's authentication mechanism in their interoperability prototype. As Palamida is the only vendor of its type to provide code base scans that help mitigate IP issues as well as security vulnerabilities, it was important to the OSA to deliver a fully vetted security component for the show and we were there to ensure that it happened. As early members of the OSA, Palamida has been working closely with the open source community to continue education at the C-level on the challenges related to open source code in the enterprise. We're all for it, we just want to be sure you're not caught unawares at go to market time! Our GPL3 site continues to get outstanding page visits and developer contributions. It's a testament to just how closely people are watching the GPL3 conversion controversy. It's an exciting time to be a part of the OSS community!
Melisa Bleasdale, Palamida