LISA2005 Diary: Monday

by Thomas A. Limoncelli

The Usenix LISA 2005 Conference is happening this week. This is the big Open Source system administration conference. I'm trying to summarize each day's activities. Monday I attended the day-long "Workshop on Configuration Management" (things like cfengine, etc.)


I'm a bit too tired to write a big summary. Suffice to say, it was mostly theoretical, with people talking about everything from doing basic updates, to ideas for expert systems that would be able to process requests like, "Add a web server to the least loaded server."

However, I was sitting next to someone from ControlTier who showed me a demo of their software. It is a very powerful commercial CM system that has recently gone open source. The company sells consulting services. A number of companies use the product. I liked the user interface and how things were structured. If you are looking for a powerful CM system, you might want to investigate ControlTier. (Tell them Tom sent ya.)

I presented a few slides about the impediments to adopting CM that I've seen, and what alternatives people adopt when they don't use CM. I felt this was useful information to people building CM systems. It sparked a lot of discussion. :-)


I'm about to go out with 12 people for steak. Lots of AFS and Pittsburgh folks. I'm sure it will be fun.