Lisp Gardeners

by chromatic

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I chided a few Lisp advocates in Why Lisp Still Hasn't Won, so let me now praise the greater number of Lisp advocates who are participating in the Lisp Gardeners project to improve Common Lisp for novices and experts alike. Things look very good so far -- it's very heartening to see a real community form to address a few technical issues (and in the process, solve a few more difficult social ones). Keep up the good work!

What would make you consider (or go back to) Common Lisp?


2005-12-19 18:21:26
s/let me know praise/let me now praise/

Also, I saw a funny barb recently:

Paul Graham: "It's not as if the program is some hugely sophisticated collection of macros and continuations. Most of the complexity in the software is social, rather than technical."

Robert Sayre: "I think it's safe to say the Lisp community will not be able to tackle that kind of complexity."

More power to them if they can refute the claim, of course!