List View Sexy?

by Steve Simon

I haven’t used List View in Aperture so much, because List View seemed to be one long boring list of text. But List View is full of suprises.

List View can be transformed with a simple slide of the Thumbnails Sizing Bar. Slide it to the right and watch those little boxes transform into colorful little thumbnail images. What’s more, when you summon the loupe and drag it over the thumbnails, you can see a 100 per cent view of that image!

1. Boring List View.jpg
Boring List View

2. Sexy List View.jpg
Almost sexy List View

5.loupe blog.jpg
Sexiest List View when using the loupe, which works on any thumbnail anywhere in Aperture

Suddenly List View has come alive and I’m going to see just how handy it can be.

By typing CMD J, you call up the View Options, under which you have a choice of List View Basic or Expanded. Expanded adds a few extra options, like Captions, Keywords, Copyright etc.

3. CMDJ View Options.jpg
Cmd J Brings up View Options

You can sort by any of the fields in List View, just click on the field title. If you want to see all of your photos in a particular project or album sorted by Focal Length for example, just click on that field title (focal length) and Aperture does the sorting from wide to tele. Click on the arrow to reverse the sorted order from long lens to wide.

When you switch back to Grid View, the images are still sorted by Focal Length and Focal Length remains in the sorting drop-down menu.

4. Sort by Focal Length Grid.jpg
Sort by focal length, even in Grid View

By dragging the title field in List View to the right or left, you can customize the order in which the columns appear to suit your needs. I moved the Caption and File Name and Master Location to the right of Version Name, but you can customize the various columns any way you want. List Views as sexy browser? Who new?


Ed Fladung
2007-11-08 07:13:03
Hey Steve, great tip. The List view is also insanely great for batch processing. say for instance, you have 800 photos (in color), each one needs to be duplicated and then have the 'monochrome mixer' adjustment applied to it (using the stamp tool). You could do this in grid view, but it's much harder to visually separate the new versions. List view makes it super simple and straightforward. Most batch processes are easier to manage in List view.
steve simon
2007-11-08 07:37:02
Ed, thanks for that tip. It's something I haven't tried yet, but I will. That's what this site is all about.
Robert Olding
2007-11-08 09:06:04
Ah Ha! I just finished a big project in which I bracketed a large number of shots. While working in the Grid view, I was really slowed down by manually rearranging the files so I could view them by the order of what shutter speed the files were shot at. My camera shoots a three frame bracket as Normal, Plus and then Minus. Now I know what to do from now on.
2007-11-08 12:37:58
I recently discovered this view also, didn't know about the view options or the loupe though, thanks! I love using this view to sort by different things like file type and focal length.

Great tip!

2007-11-11 01:27:51
Very nice. Thanks for reminding me to look deeper into list view.