(Yet Another Classic In The Making, Without A Doubt!) Now Live! ;)

by M. David Peterson

DISCLAIMER: The title? Uh, yeah... sorry 'bout that, but you know me... And this was *WAY TOO GOOD* of an opportunity to just let slide with anything less than the very best I could come up with at 7:45 A.M. MST ;)

So 'twas mid-stream through an email conversation two days ago regarding polishing up the final bits of one of the projects I'd mentioned a while back, when a response came in from Professor Lessig in which I assumed was in regards to some changes I had made to this same mentioned project. Instead, it was something more along the lines of,

"Uh... Wife. Labor. Will pick this up later."

(not a direct quote, and I'm pretty sure what was said wasn't in rhymed verse, but the general idea is there, none-the-less ;)

Lawrence Lessig

Willem got a brother yesterday. Mother is amazing. Father is amazed.

Congratulations to each one of you at this exciting moment in time! :D