Live From AJAX World - Report 2

by Kurt Cagle

Tuesday, Oct 3 at 10:00am

Live from AJAXWorld

Interview with Chris Burmester,

One of the things that I love about conferences is that often times it is the hallway conversations as much as the sessions themselves that provide insight into what's going on with the cool technology. One of the more intriguing such conversations was with Chris Burmeister, senior developer with, who I talked to while waiting for the next session to begin. is quite fascinating - it's a google like search engine that's specifically targeted towards retrieving open source code, both from the web and from collections such as O'Reilly's Safari site.

Chris walked me through its paces, including showing how it could be targeted towards retrieving code listings specific to a given language, with keyword searches that can be keyed towards retrieving function names, class names, comments, and other specific code elements, across a few dozen different languages, and includes means of pulling whole projects out from SVN and CVS trees with just Keywords I

Live from AJAXWorld

AJAX By The Numbers

John Evans (, Evans Data

Lot's of data here, so if I don't catch everything I'll see what I can do.

  1. Developers are beacons of change, constantly seeeking new ways to solve problems ... (I like that)
  2. By 2007, Asia/Pacific and Africa become the heighest percentage of developers (40% Asia, 30% Africa)
  3. Top 15 countries comprise over 2/3 of the global developer population. NorAM 2.9Mil
  4. AJAX - 1.7 million developers using, within another 3 million developers evaluating.
  5. Latin America has the highest current adoption of AJAX.
  6. Emerging Market AJAX Usage - Brazil is heaviest, China catching up by 2007.
  7. Developer segment are developers who develop custom apps outside their company, includes System integrators.
  8. SMB sees slight more usage than enterprise, but at least half of all developers expect to be using AJAX. (50% of all devs)
  9. AJAX Use highest among Software design, IT consulting, Education, Information,, most of the rest are in 2-3% range.
  10. 73% of respondants work in small to medium sized organization with less than 250 employees.
  11. AJAX Respondents
    • Develoeprs 39%
    • Architects 14%
    • CTOs, CIOs and Directors, 10%
  12. Temam Size 1-5 (65.4%), 6-10 (12%)
  13. 1/3 of AJAX respondents are developing B2B/E-Commerce apps vs. 24% of the general developer pop.
  14. 37% are developing B23C/E-Commerce, vs 25% in general dev pop.
  15. Vertical Applications
    • E-Commerce 25%
    • CRM 22%
    • ERP 16%
  16. Web Services Types (B2B and Departmental)
  17. Programming Languages (XML 74%), Java (51%), C# (39%)
  18. Scripting Languages (JS 90%, ASP.NET 49%)
  19. Eclipse is used by 17%, with as many as 40% by next year
  20. Reasons for AJAX
    • Functionality 60%
    • Interactivity 20%
  21. Inhibitors - Skill sets 34%, Incompatibility of Browsers 22%
  22. 32% use Flash to extend AJAX (but only 4% in FLEX/AJAX Bridge)
  23. 16% currently use Atlas, +11% in the next 6 months
  24. SAJAX 9% currently use, +11% in next 5 months
  25. 11% in Mobility Space +12% in next 6 month.
  26. APIs
    • Google 40%
    • Microsoft 25%
    • Yahoo 20%
    • Amazon17%
  27. 4 in 10 developers are quite bullish about AJAX.
  28. Krugle (see above)
  29. Glbal developer pop is 12.8 mill, 17.1 mil in 2009, US 2,600,000 dev.
  30. AJAX at 1.7 mil, +1.8 mil evaluating it

Final key: 40% expect their AJAX use to increase dramatically by 2007