Live From AJAX World - Report 3

by Kurt Cagle

Tuesday, Oct 3 at 11:15am

Live from AJAXWorld

Open Laszlo Demo

Lazlo Systems

  1. Laszlo fits within the RIA space (Full Page Experience) rather than DHTML Enhancement.
  2. Open Source product
  3. Demos -
    • Rich Web Email client - (very impressive piece) animation suport, smooth transitions, data binding, components are very intelligent
    • Pandora - online music player, built by third party company (part of music genome project)
      Gliffy - Laszlo based diagramming project (very nice).

    Indicative of adoption

  4. LZX is an XML markup language (XML+JavaScript) (edited in Lazlo Explorer). Server handles compilation, then generates output to appropriate devices.
  5. Support for databinding and app constraints. Component oriented.
  6. "Legals"- multi-runtime architecture project. Availiability : Source/nightlies w/ beta coming soon, developer's release this year.
  7. Laszlo Calendar app is very impressive, especially since it is being built on DHTML runtime.

Some comments - my jaw has dropped here. There is some incredible work done here, and I can see where this is giving other companies some real heartburn. I'm already rethinking some applications I've been working on in order to work against the environment. Check these guys out and help contribute to this fantastic OSS project!


Chuck White
2006-10-03 14:20:46
Small correction, it's Laszlo, not Lazlo. If I'm not mistaken, Laszlo predates Adobe's Flex, which is, conceptually, quite similar. I first tried Laszlo a few years ago and was thrilled when they ported an Open Source version.
Kurt Cagle
2006-10-03 18:44:31

Thanks for that. I've made the appropriate corrections. Laszlo predates Flex by more than a year. Having seen presentations with both today, I have to admit to being more impressed with Laszlo.

-- Kurt

Henry Minsky
2006-10-04 08:53:28
I just happened to come across your SVG.Open work last night, I sent you an email. I worked on an experimental Laszlo kernel to run in SVG 1.1. I am very interested in seeing if SVG can be made a robust platform for building rich internet applications, I think the possibilities are mind boggling if the power of SVG's imaging and DOM model could be combined with the down and dirty stuff needed to support an application framework (i.e., mouse and cursor support, bidirectional data loading, persistent connections, external function API, etc).
Asbjørn Ulsberg
2006-10-10 05:27:01
Lazlo deserializes the XML to Flash files, so it's not really that AJAX-y imnsho. AJAX stands for "Asynchronous JavaScript And XML", and since this isn't interpreted as either JavaScript nor XML in the browser, but downloaded as a binary file from the server and then squeezed into a plugin in the browser, it's not quite AJAX.

The fact that you use XML and JavaScript to create the binary Flash files is another matter. Can you think of any product on earth that can *not* be created with XML and JavaScript? Just have a decent parser and compiler inbetween, and you could create the whole Microsoft Office suite (compiled to Win32 .exe files) if you want to. A bit far fetched of course, but you get my drift. It's not AJAX just because you use JavaScript and XML in the source; it should be there all the way up to the client. In my humble opinion at least.

Kurt Cagle
2006-10-10 09:40:53

What I found interesting about the Laszlo demos was not the flash side of things, but the fact that they are now in fact using DHTML/XMLHttpRequest/Javascript as another target, duplicating many if not all of the functionality that was contained on the Flash side. In other words, the Laszlo markup was actually getting factored out to an AJAX front end, rather than a Flash one.

Asbjørn Ulsberg
2006-10-11 02:45:09
Kurt, that's very interesting. I do wonder with extreme curiousity about the quality (and accessibility) of the HTML and JavaScript code that is produced, though. Do you have any (live) examples available?
Andreas Herz
2006-11-22 00:43:54

If you want use java as backend you can use Open-jACOB too.
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