Live From AJAX World - Report 5

by Kurt Cagle

Tuesday, Oct 3 at 12:00pm

Live from AJAXWorld

AJAX and the Copernican Revolution

David Temkin, Founder of Lazlo Systems

  • Ptolemy view
  • Server side has retained the big money while the client is given peanuts.
  • At the top is the server architect
    • Architecture-heavy, user interface light
    • Far from the user, close to the IT decision-maker
    • Lots of talk about scalability, "business logic", and other enterprise keywords
    • Computer science degree
    • Architecture astronauts are rewarded
  • At the bottom is the web front-end developer and designer
    • Low pay
    • Far from control
  • Client centric software is user-centered software
    • Rich clients are programmers running in the browser
    • Programs are written by developers, not page designers
    • These programs are UI-focused, but also make extensive use of back end services.
  • AJAX Spectrum
    • HTML Page-Based Apps
    • DHTML Enhancements
    • Simple AJAX Apps
    • Advanced AJAX apps
    • Rich Clients
  • Contention - in order to create more user-centric apps, it is necessary to move away from the page paradigm.
  • Contention - client-side applications end up becoming the holder of the session state, which significantly change the server architecture as wel.
  • Back-to-Front Development
    • Start with abstract domain knowledge, objects
    • Create services that encapsulate functionaity
    • Tell the page designers to make it pretty
    • Mature frameworks, tooks, and processes are in place to support it
    • Start with the user experience (the design)
    • The functionality is largely client based
  • The Business is on the Glass
    • The glass is where the user meets applications
    • This is the critical interaction; leaving the UI to last reduces chances of business success
    • Uptime, scalability, and availability are important, but so is usability
    • The industry needs developers and IT managers who are oriented toward the client and the user experience
    • It is these technologists who will drive the next wave of software
    • The real winners in the Web 2.0 movement are those who are able to handle the clients
  • Perspective is worth 80 IQ points - rich clients providde an opportunity to rethink our perspective and rebalance how we design and develop applications.

Comments: Almost didn't go to this one, but am glad I did. David is an engaging speaker, has obviously been through the trenches on this. I find I agree with him just about on everything -- we are seeing the rise of client-centric programming and it will change the world!