Live from XML 2005 In Atlanta

by Kurt Cagle

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I've just recently arrived in Atlanta, getting hotel sorted out and grabbing a bite to eat with a friend who was on the same flight from Vancouver. Besides being singularly amused that most of the people I met in the first few minutes after reaching the hotel were Vancouverites - Paul Prescod and Philip Mansfield - I also JUST missed the speaker's reception, so will likely be doing my networking tomorrow.

I have noticed that the Hilton's internet access, even in the rooms, could definitely use some work - though with dozens of geeks no doubt all pounding the server all at the same time, perhaps this isn't as unusual as it seems. Still, paying $10 american a night for iffy Internet access is definitely a little disappointing. (Article continued ...)

Do you have any questions you'd liked asked of speakers at the XML 2005 conference?