Log Management Summit

by Anton Chuvakin

I wanted to highlight something very releavent for most sysadmins: SANS Log Management Summit, that will happen on July 12-13, 2006 in DC. The summit is subtitled "What Works in Log Management for Compliance, Operations and Security" and, from what I know, promises to be a very fun event!


2006-12-15 02:27:07
my RSS reader of choice, just passed 100 million blog entries indexed. Wow, that's mind-blowing. First, it's incredible that 100 million blog entries have been written in the past year. Get outside, people! Second, it's incredible that one service does such a great job of indexing and serving so much information. For me, Bloglines is like Google and the Internet Archive in one -- it's not just search and it's not just archival, but instead it's a single interface to find and read and organize all the timely information I receive online.
2006-12-15 07:29:42