London Needs Perl Programmers

by chromatic

Dave Cross just posted a short analysis of Perl Programmers in London and the job situation there. This matches what I've heard, and what I noticed when I was in Europe last summer.

There's plenty of work available for people who want to work in finance with Perl and related technologies in Europe, and there aren't enough people to go around.

Maybe the secret weapons of the high finance industry can't remain secret any longer, if they want to continue to attract skilled technologists.


2007-02-02 02:52:46
plz guide me how to fetch those jobs , i am perl programmer with finance domain experience
abraham Miller
2007-02-11 17:55:41
I recently converted a mainframe cobol off-line interface to a State financial client/server system to a UNIX server running Perl scripts.

If anyone is interested in my approach, they can contact me at

Pasha Balan
2007-02-16 00:01:08
Hi, all.
I am team leader in a small IT company (from Moldova) that is specialized in perl solutions.
Our most impressive solution is creation of an Object Oriented CMS (Home Runner).
My target is to find some companies interested in elaboration or support of LAMP (with Perl) solutions.
Any idea or discussion on this topic will be great. You can contact me for further discussion on


2007-02-16 05:42:35
I've just been on the job hunt in London myself, and I have to agree. I had recruitment agents practically knocking down my door as soon as my CV went online. And I wasn't looking at any financial based roles (since I have no experience in that domain).

It's nice to be in demand, but long term, it could become a problem as companies decide to abadon Perl in favour of a language that's easier to recruit for (altho a note to employers - a good programmer is a good programmer in any langauge, try hiring a Java / .NET / C++ programmer and re-training them).