Looking for July Ruby Project Spotlight Submissions

by Gregory Brown

Hey folks, I've picked a winner for June's Ruby project spotlight and will have a post out within the next few days about it, but I'd like to remind folks that this is an ongoing project.

What that means is that I'm now accepting July submissions. Every submission we got for June was excellent, and if you were not selected, you can always resubmit for a later month. Here's a recap of the rules, but see the original post for details.

  • Project must be fresh / actively developed

  • Project must be released before the time I post

  • Proposal should consist of nothing more than a code example and a link to your project page, no additional commentary needed

  • Project can't be Rails-centric

  • You must be a developer on the project

  • My project choices will be entirely subjective and unjustified. :)

Please email me if you've got a cool project to submit!