Looking for Large Skype Buddies Lists

by Bruce Stewart

Stuart Henshall over on the Skype Journal is looking to find and talk to the person who is the "Skype Buddies World Record Holder". Stuart would like to talk to folks who have more than 1,000 entries in their Skype Buddies list. The Skype power-user elite, so to speak.

Why? I bet there are some good stories in it. Separately, I know that this is a core group of exceptional Skype users. The buddylist is long enough to test any new API or Wi-Fi phone that comes along. You have tested Skype in more ways than most people at Skype. I'm also interested in user profiles. I have a little hypothesis that says... Skypers are breaking the rules that existed on other buddylists (orginally most only allowed 100 buddies). There may be no correlation between number of buddies and usage. Still I'm interested to learn more about thresholds.

Calling Phillip Torrone...I have a hunch he's looking for you!


2006-03-31 23:08:05
...or perhaps Skype just want to fix the fairly unusable buddy list UI