Looking for locally-focused weblogs

by Simon St. Laurent

Related link: http://simonstl.com/dryden/localBlogs.html

While weblogs' ability to connect people regardless of their geographic location has produced some fascinating stuff, I'm looking for weblogs that focus squarely on a particular area.

Jon Udell had some kind words last week for local weblogging, mine in particular, and I brought up local weblogging at the Digital Democracy Teach-in back in January, where it seemed pretty popular.

So far, it seems popular in that people think it's a good idea - Glenn Reynolds encouraged blogging on local politics in February - but I haven't seen a large wave of people actually doing it.

I'd like to think that I just haven't looked hard enough, and that maybe it's something difficult to find in Google and similar tools. I've found some weblogs already, but I'd like to add more to that list.

My criteria are fairly simple. The weblog should focus primarily on local politics, where local is something smaller, preferably much smaller, than a county, state, or province. I don't mind pointing to subcategories of weblogs with broader perspectives, so long as what I'm pointing to is mostly local. Local weblogs can be from any country, not just the US, though that's what I've listed so far. They don't have to be in English, and they don't have to focus on politics, either.

It's great to publish material that can reach a wide audiences. Sometimes it's also great to publish for a smaller audience.

Know of any locally-focused weblogs?


2004-04-19 10:23:17
I blog about local natural history and outdoor recreation topics at PointReyes.net. The site itself has always been more reference-based, but the front page has been steadily morphing into a blog. I'm finding that probably the most interesting service I can provide to readers is connecting them to other local sites -- I'm amazed at the number of interesting things I find to link to.
2004-04-19 14:00:42
decent example of local blogging
check out www.chicagobloggers.com. It's actually arranged according to public transit stops. Well done.
2004-04-20 13:53:43
A friend of mine created a multi-person local blog site named: HawaiiStories
2004-04-21 21:49:02
Columbia University Community
Over 1500 Columbia University students have blogs at CU Community, where the content ranges from typical teenage blog-drivel to heated political debate.
2004-11-09 01:46:07
My blog has a distinctly local theme although I get out and about quite a bit and cover that too. I've been mobile blogging since August 2003.

The "biggest" thing I've noticed is the reluctance of the local authorities to use freely available blogging technology (with the accent on "free") to enhance the community. This may be just a symptom of small town life..