Looking forward to Extreme Markup Languages

by Uche Ogbuji

I'll be off to Extreme Markup Languages 2007 on Monday. It's will be my first time, and I'm excited because it's always been one of those conferences I've wanted to attend, but August is usually not a good time for such things on my calendar. I've always heard that it's a brilliant conference, and my French friends always tell me Montreal is a very fun city (doesn't stop them from poking fun at the French-Canadian accent).

Some of the talks I'm especially looking forward to are:

* Writing an XSLT optimizer in XSLT
* Advanced approaches to XML document validation
* Retiring your metadata shoehorn (for OpenOffice documents)
* Localization of schema languages

There are many other juicy -looking talks, but the above really stood out for me at first glance.

I hope to meet up with many old colleagues, and make some new acquaintances at the conference, and I'll be reporting often from this Weblog. I might even try a bit of live-blogging.