Lots of new stuff

by Giles Turnbull

OK folks, here's the skinny:

TV on your iPod: TV shows for two bucks. Watch on the run. This is part of iTunes 6 (wha? we only just got iTunes 5!). Other features include music videos on the iTMS, short films (Pixar, there's a shock), and gift tokens; also some Amazonization, with user reviews and "If you liked that, you'll like this" cross-selling.

Video on an iPod screen

New video-enabled iPods. H.264. Video out. 2.5 inch screen. Verrrry thin. 20GB and 60GB. Also available in black. But ... 4:3 screen ratio.

new imac rear view

New iMacs: 1.9GHz 17 inch, and 2.1GHz 20 inch. Slimmer, slightly less boxy body. Built-in iSight camera. Nice touch: the screen itself flashes white to illuminate your face when you take a self-portrait. No modem! (About time too, I say.) Machine also comes with FrontRow, a tiny iPod shuffle-like remote control. This is a move to push iMacs, not Mac minis, as the home entertainment appliance. A very interesting direction.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Here's a look at what FrontRow looks like on screen. Kinda like the iPod menu system, right?

More detail and analysis to come later.

After all the hype, are you left with a warm glow or a feeling of bitter disappointment?


2005-10-13 02:57:40
What, no eMac any more ?
2005-10-14 18:15:09
Front Row on the iMac
I suspect this strategy is starting with the iMac for the simple reason that it's a G5 machine and the Mac mini is G4. The chances are that the mini just isn't capable CPU-wise of being this system yet.

While I wouldn't bet on the following scenario, it wouldn't surprise me: the Intel-based Mac minis come with Front Row, and at least one model sports digital audio output and component (or at least S-Video) video output, and "Front Row HD."