Lots of Rubies, All Playing Nicely Together

by pat eyler

I've written before about how cool it is to see the JRuby and rubinius guys working together (Nick Sieger also posted a piece about it). (It can be mind-bending to follow a discussion across multiple irc channels though.) I'm even more encouraged to see that Kevin Tew (the Cardinal hacker) and SASADA Koichi (the YARV hacker) have joined the fray.


Andy Lester
2007-01-19 13:16:58
We can all get along! Nothing wrong with working with multiple languages.
2007-01-19 13:22:03
Hi Andy,
Nope, nothing wrong with working in Perl and Ruby at all. It's a big part of all of us getting along. By the way, thanks for a good answer to anon1m0us' question on ruby-talk.