Love has died, O importunate Windows

by Andy Oram

Opera houses show translations of operas to the audiences on screens
while the performance is underway. I hope the opera houses consider a
change of platform after the performance of La Bohème reported in
today's Boston Globe, where during the main character's first aria,
the computer controlling the display started running a routine anti-virus


2005-01-22 12:35:27
What does this have to do with the platform? I'd say a system administrator who didn't properly schedule routine automated jobs on ANY platform could run into this issue.
2005-01-23 19:07:15
Get with it! Don't you know the Party line is "Windows bad, everything else good"? How dare you question the author?

It's so funny how there is so much you can complain about with Windows if you try, yet so many people are so blinded by their Windows hatred that they assume everything is Windows' fault.