Love Macs? Then learn to love Macsurfer

by Hadley Stern

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Mac news feels like what I imagine drugs must feel to a drug addict--you can never get enough or have too much. The trick is finding it. For years and years now the best source of all links Mac (and now, with the iPod, all links Apple) related has been the venerable Macsurfer. The site publishes a simple list of links day in and day out culled from it's editors surfings and site submissions.

Indeed, while getting listed on Macsurfer is not equivalent to the short-term hit of being Slashdotted, for publishers like me (I run
Apple Matters Macsurfer ensures a steady stream of engaged Apple readers. Other sites have tried to usurp Macsurfer but never with success. The site may not have forums, op-ed pieces, but like many sites with a singular purpose, it does a bang up job of providing the Apple community with interesting reads day in day out.

If your technology horizon includes other (gasp!) computing companies make sure to check out Macsurfer's sister site,TechNN.

What are your favorite Mac sites? Do you read Macsurfer?


2004-05-19 15:41:03
Virtually no Mac news at sister website TechNN
I happen to love MacSurfer's Headline News ( and actually have it set as my homepage on my Macs. A nice feature of the website is the inclusion of the Computer Industry section which includes news items relating to Windows, Linux, etc. A visit to the sister website, TechNN ( finds a somewhat different situation. Except for the inclusion of the link to MacSurfer, there is essentially no place on the TechNN website to provide even a minimum of Mac related news items. A visitor to the TechNN website might conclude that virtually nothing of interest is happening in the Mac universe. I have implored the editors of the TechNN website to consider providing even a small amount of Mac related news on the TechNN website above and beyond simply having a link to MacSurfer so that visitors to the TechNN website are aware of some of the more timely Mac related news items. Since the editors of MacSurfer find it important that visitors to MacSurfer have access to news from elsewhere in the computer industry I think that it is only fair that visitors to TechNN have at least a minimum of access to Mac related news links on the TechNN webpage itself instead of just a link to MacSurfer. After all, Apple and the Macintosh platform are an important part of the computer industry. TechNN visitors should at least be aware of some of the more newsworthy items from that part of the industry.
2004-05-22 07:51:44
Another good site is . Less news than, but usually a nice complement. I should say I like the site design of and I appreciate the fewer ads (only one small Google ad at the top).