Love Those Contextual Menus!

by Mikkel Aaland

Lightroom has plenty of hidden contextual menus, and like Easter eggs, they are fun to find. To reveal one of these menus simply place your cursor over a thumbnail, panel pane, or work area and right-click. On a Mac hold the Ctrl key when you click. A menu with very useful options will immediately pop-up on the screen, ready to help stream-line your workflow, or just make your work environment more friendly.

Here are a few of my favorite contextual menu options:


Richard Earney
2007-05-02 23:27:04
Let me wage a one man campaign to remind everyone that right-clicking on a Mac (rather than Ctrl-clicking) is not only possible it is more than likely what most people do.

Two button mice rule and even laptops do it!!! :)

2007-05-03 10:18:15
Thanks for the great tips!!


2007-05-04 10:59:46
Great tips, thanks for this! :)
Paul Mison
2007-05-07 06:48:10
My one man campaign would be to get all these options into the proper menu structure. I don't use Lightroom myself (yet) so maybe this is the wrong place to comment, but contextual menus aren't obvious places to look for some people. The main menus are scrubbable more easily than finding the exact panel that opens the context menu you want, after all.