Lowering phone support costs

by brian d foy

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Adam Turoff knows how companies can lower their phone support costs: don't resolve anything and the customers will stop calling.

I've certainly had that experience, and it's one of the reasons I took all of my money out of Citibank. I was tired of talking to a call center in India that only wanted to complete the call, and would would only transfer me to higher level support if I complained loud and often during the call. The first line always claimed to be able to do nothing, and they were basically screen-readers for what I could already see online. Of course, the second level support was just as impotent, until I filed a claim with the Office of Thrift Savings, the US Department of Treasury branch that regulates Citibank. All of a sudden things look like they may be resolved.

So, they've certainly lowered their telephone support costs, and any costs associated with me since they won't see any of my money anymore. They're probably feeling smug that they've raised the costs of some other bank by forcing me to bank elsewhere.

Way to go, morons.