Lucene book site is spot on

by Michael Fitzgerald

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I was visiting with Erik Hatcher at the Rails gig in Reston last Saturday. I really like what he has done with his book Lucene in Action (which he coauthored with Otis Gospodnetić). Essentially, he created a search engine for his book on Lucene with Lucene. You can't get all the content of the book, but you get plenty. I think it is a really cool way to present a book, a sort of recursion on the topic itself, by showing how quickly the contents of the book can be searched using the means described by the book. Whoa! I also think it says a lot about how books could be presented from now on. If writers and publishers don't do something like what Erik is doing with his book, we are a little behind the times. I intend to follow Erik's lead in making books more accessible to readers, as early as possible.

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2005-11-23 09:11:43
books need search
Search is especially important for tech books. Safari Bookshelf[1] provides this for their collection. You can search the whole pool or a single book.

I like that the Lucene in Action search uses page numbers and section heading to organize results. I believe this is essential when wading through dozens of hits from a book. Last I checked, Google Print search does not do this.

Here's my own contribution to the topic. It is a HTML portal page into a PDF document. It provides quick links into the PDF's sections and a full text search box. Search hits are vividly organized by section:

You can download the PHP code here: