Luddites Among us

by Jesse Liberty

I've received quite a few comments to recent posts whining about how hard it is to keep up with Microsoft's onslaught of developer technology (.net 2, 3, AJAX, etc.). While I'm not in the business of defending Microsoft, I do think they can't win: if they were not innovating they'd be accused of sitting on their "monopoly" being in need of competition to force them to create new technology....


2007-02-14 15:14:07
I say the same things over and over. Some need a dog to kick right or wrong. If they are going to kick a dog, I am not too concerned Microsoft is going to suffer much as we continue to fork over for subscriptions year after year for these great tools and technologies that just get better and better. I bet you avoid sentances like that last one in your books which by the way I also keep buying version after version. Are you related to BG?

2007-03-09 01:47:09
Amen, brother!

Too many people now expect everything to be handed to them on a platter: They don't want to study, or learn, or work hard -- But expect society, or government, or Microsoft, or their employer, etc. to bend over backwards and satisfy all their desires.

It's childish and pathetic. If they don't want to exercise their minds, then they should go back to burger-flipping or selling real estate for awhile until they appreciate how good they have it. Or better yet, go program Perl on Linux for awhile and then you can see what real horrors are!

Plus I don't understand why they are whining to Jesse about Microsoft... Last I checked, he had no relationship to MS. It's like complaining to your barber about your car getting smashed - Pointless.