Lycoris, Mandriva Fumble Source Code Release

by Carla Schroder

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"A recent post on raised questions about the availability of GPL'ed source code from the former Lycoris distribution. Accusations have flown both ways and much confusion has ensued, leaving many concerned about whether the source code will ever be made available.

"There's a dispute breaking out over the availability of libre source code from the former Lycoris' Iris, a software delivery service similar to Linspire's "Click and Run". The dispute broke out into a war of words on recently, leaving users guessing as to what's really going on. When developers release programs under a libre software license, such as the GNU GPL, they are required to make the source code available from the outset, something that did not happen in the case of Iris. Since Mandriva now owns Lycoris' assets, including Iris, it remains to be seen who will take responsibility for making the sources available."

This story has an amusing variation on "the dog ate it" excuse: "Mr. Cheek has acknowledged the problem, and promised to make the source code available - as soon as his computer equipment arrives in France, where he is currently working for Mandriva. He indicated he expected that to take about three months."

No backups? No one else has copies? Mmmkay.

The good news is, the ultimate resolution to this will be to bring Mandriva into compliance with the GPL. Unlike the proprietary world, where lawyers would prepare for a years-long battle and sue for large monetary damages.