Mac and Music at O'Reilly's Digital Media Center

by Jochen Wolters

If you're interested in music production on the Macintosh, here's a trio of recent postings on the O'Reilly Digital Media Center web site which you may find worth a look.

Last week, I reviewed "Sequel," Steinberg's entry-level music software package. Shipping with a huge library of loops, samples, and software instruments, Sequel is a very respectable challenger to Apple's GarageBand, and well worth checking out if you would like to start making music on your Mac. And checking Sequel out is easy, as Steinberg is offering a downloadable trial version of the software.

Music technology was also prominently featured at last week's Apple Expo Paris. To find out which three products from that category were (or, rather: "I considered") the most noteworthy at the show, check out Musique sur une Pomme Américaine.