by brian d foy

I'm sitting on Delta 1400 (Salt Lake City to San Jose) waiting for the boarding door to close, and I'm on the internet.

Yesterday I got a Kyrocera KPC650 EVDO card from Verizon. Actually, I got the Audiovox PC5740, but when I got it home I discovered I couldn't immediately use it with a Mac since the install CD didn't have Mac support (and never claimed too, actually). I found instructions on modding Tiger to use the PC5740, and that works save for the step where I have to activate the card. Fellow Stonehenge trainer Tad McClellan booted his linux laptop into Windows and we gave it a go, but it wanted the Windows install CD to get drivers. Thank god Mac OS X usually has the the drivers I usually need already installed.

I took the PC5740 back to Verizon and exchanged it for the KFC650. The customer service guy asked me who sold me the much cheaper PC5740 because someone should have sold me the more expensive and better KPC650. Indeed, in my googling, everyone was saying the same thing: get the KPC650.

I could mod Tiger in the same way I did for the PC5740, but I ran into the same problem: I need a Windows machine to activate the card (if I want to use the Verizon software that came with the card). has a Mac version of the VZAccess software to activate the card, install the right things, and manage the card while I use it. I had to pay another $75 for it, but that's better than tracking down a networked Windows box with a PC card slot.

They're closing the door so it's time to go. :)


2005-12-30 19:23:19
VZAccess Manager
Is it too late to get your money back for the software? You can download the VZAccess Manager software for free from the Verizon website. That is exactly what I did and it activated the card and handles it nicely.
2005-12-30 19:32:24
VZAccess Manager
I suppose it would be rude not to provide a link:

2005-12-30 20:29:47
So this is a card of some kind, that does something?
I've read the message 3-4 times and have yet to discover any nouns that tell me what these mystery devices are or why I should care...
2005-12-31 00:29:55
VZAccess Manager
It seems the booseter-antenna link is for "support" and not just the software....
2005-12-31 01:18:25
So this is a card of some kind, that does something?
If you don't know what EVDO is, you probably don't care. I don't mind if you care or not :)
2005-12-31 01:20:02
VZAccess Manager
Ugh. Now I find out. I didn't run across that in my googling. Too bad they don't just put it on the CD that comes with the card.
2005-12-31 06:11:29
Higher literary aspirations for Mr. foy?
In addition to a flippant attitude regarding the "who, what, when, where & why" of Tech Product Journalism 101, Mr. foy seems to have a serious case of e. e. cummings moniker envy.
2006-06-06 10:22:43
Yeah, I was pretty miffed to see that the evdoinfo site had stooped to making it appear as if you have to purchase the vzaccess software from them. FOR SHAME!