.Mac Expands Storage, Portents of New Features?

by Tom Bridge

Related link: http://tuaw.com/2005/12/31/mac-idisks-now-with-1tb-month-bandwidth/

.Mac may be one of Apple's red-haired stepchildren in some regard: it's not fully featured, it's not moved much in terms of features or design since it made the transition from iTools. That, however, may be changing, as TUAW is reporting that the bandwidth ceiling for a .Mac account is now 1TB. This leaves me asking questions like, "Is Apple prepping .Mac for the vodcast revolution? Podcasting storage? Blogging?"

If Apple is really preparing to relaunch .Mac at Macworld SF in less than 10 days, this could be the beginning of that process. Giving people more bandwidth for monthly downloads allows people to think, "Hmmm, what should I be storing on my iDisk?"

The original reporting site suggests, though, that this was a temporary thing:

Readers have noted that the figure has now disappeared from view, the .Mac features list still says 3GB and always has, this quick removal brings us to think that this was more than it first appeared

Whether this hints toward a media center computer from Apple (which I don't necessarily buy just from this data tidbit), or toward an expanded .Mac with blogging, vlogging, podcasting and other tools at the users' fingertips, I would certainly find that more plausible as an explanation.

More bandwidth...what's that mean?


2006-01-02 20:40:58
Might be...
something for the future that they let slip out accidentaly. It doesn't show up for me in my .Mac account at least.

It would make sense for them since they have this established architecture and distribution channel to tie it in with music, video, blogging, etc. But I think they would have to work some on iDisk reliability and performance - it's pretty bad in both areas.

2006-01-02 20:59:10
Before everyone goes out an buys .Mac subscription, be warned that performance is *terrible*. I have _never_ been able to upload a file larger than 1MB to my idisk. It stalls out every time.

Mac power users should look elsewhere.

2006-01-03 04:19:05
I admit that the iDisk is far from ninja-fast when it comes down to performance, but it does work for me. At present I have a few Backup schemes that use the iDisk and they all seem to work fine, and not too slow either. This probably doesn't help you at all but is worth bearing in mind.
2006-01-03 06:16:34
I've uploaded hundreds of 1+MB files to .Mac. Aside from occasional outages I've never had a problem.

They do offer a free trial account so you can always try for yourself.

2006-01-03 07:02:47
Performance is highly variable. I'ev had very short upload times, and very long upload times for similar sized files.

I really wish we could just get ftp access. Then getting at my file store from a Windows machine would be easy. The Webdav interface is like molasses in January.

2006-01-03 08:54:11
50MB and larger
I've uploaded 50MB and larger video files all the time. No issues other than the MacOS status window displaying incorrect completion times.