.Mac Mail gets a much needed boost

by Russell Miles

Related link: http://www.mac.com

.Mac got a much needed boost in terms of its email and general storage services today. Following on from Jason Deraleau's blog on why it is worth shelling out more money for .Mac, the message from Apple appears to be that .Mac is alive, well supported and getting better all the time.

These improvements could be a seen as a bit of a case of "it's about time Apple". Being an author that is constantly emailing updates and edits to the O'Reilly team (one day my first draft will be production quality, but hell is still too warm at the moment), I would argue that the upgrade to 10 megs maximum email size alone is worth a sigh of relief. Combined with the 250 megs as standard on storage, the additional upgrade to 1 gig if I had the cash and the great suport and occasional extras from the Apple crew; I won't be changing my subscription to another provider just yet.

Now I'm just waiting for free OS upgrades to complete the mix - might be waiting a while for those though!

Anyone have any more suggestions of what Apple could do to improve the .Mac Service?