Mac News

by Erica Sadun

  • Use your iPod, get fired. [Delaware Online]
    Warning: excessive iPod use and personal calls may result in termination. What surprises me about this story is that I usually find that iPod use increases productivity, not decreases it. What could Scopelliti's problem have been that he needed to "spen[d] an inordinate amount of time engaged in personal iPod-related activities."

  • iPod s KO Hospital Servers [Sun]
    According to the Sun newspaper, (famed for its pinup girls), National Health Service computers were sidelined when XRay technicians used their computer for MP3 downloads. Queen Mother Hospital's servers in Margate, Kent were out of action for 48 hours. I'm not sure what this says about socialized medicine. I'd understand if they were taken down by large quantities of PR0N and other Bittorrent video, but MP3 files? Itty bitty MP3 files? Color me skeptical.

  • Apple wins. Apple loses. [Independent]
    Okay, I'm way late to the party on this one. Apple vs Apple. Judge ruled that Apple didn't infringe Apple and that the iTMS didn't breach the agreement with Apple. But wait. Apple has been given leave to appeal the case against Apple. So don't think this is the end. Apple may yet take on Apple again. Before it does so, it looks like Apple must pay for Apple's legal fees, and Apple's legal fees as well. In other news, Apple's head lawyer stepped down.

  • Apple's new iBook/MacBook/whatever may be delayed [AppleInsider]
    Apple Insider reports that the expected launch of the MactetBooks may be delayed for a few weeks at least even though Apple is thought to have begun manufacturing over a week ago. Just wait. I post this and they'll roll 'em out tomorrow. Whatchagonnado?


2006-05-08 22:52:05
The Sun is also a right wing tabloid owned by Murdoch. It thrives on lies, deciet and half truth. Never there be a positive message come from its pages, less it be tearing down others. My advice; ignore anything in its pages.
Simon Hibbs
2006-05-09 00:01:43
>What surprises me about this story is that
>I usually find that iPod use increases
>productivity, not decreases it.

I suppose with tens of millions of iPod users, there is plenty of scope for some of them to be unusual people.

>My advice; ignore anything in its pages.

True, as a newspaper it's much worse than useless and if nipples is what you want there's always the Daily Sport.

2006-05-09 12:15:14
I can see being fired for using an iPod. Perhaps it is only me, but when I listen to podcasts, my focus on other things decreases. I do not listen to them at my desk.

I find listening to music is OK as that is easily pushed to the back of my attention, but still enjoyable. It also limits the surrounding distractions.

Given that the guys job was sales. How is he going to do that while listening to an iPod. Seems he should be proding people on the phone and in person to buy into the company's goods. It will be interesting to see if this goes anywhere.