Mac News

by Erica Sadun

  • Mac Resellers Pre-Installing WinXP
    InformationWeek reports that some resellers are taking advantage of boot camp to pre-load new Mac desktops with WinXP. Apple says it won't for now. Adding XP Home adds $100 to the price of a new Mac, XP Pro adds $150.

  • $0.99--and holding
    The New York Post reports that Steve Jobs seems to have held steady in the negotiations between Apple and major record labels to renew agreements due to expire in two months. The four major music companies wanted Jobs to introduce variable pricing to the iTunes Music Store. Jobs has stood firm on the singe 99-cents-per-track price.

  • iPod prices to drop
    Reuters reports that Apple CFO Peter Oppenheimer says iPod prices are likely to drop in the June quarter. However, posters at online iPod forum iPodBank think there may be more to the story than Mr. Oppenheimer's comments.

  • iPod Chip Change
    EETimes reports that Apple Computer is set to switch media processor chip vendors for its iPod line.

  • OS X vulnerabilities "highly critical"
    Secrity site Secunia has issued a Mac OS X advisory for multiple potential vulnerabilities. Worth checking out.

  • Update: Apple Legal vs Little Girl
    See girl write letter. See Apple Legal send warning. See girl cry! Mean Apple!


2006-04-21 08:38:39
The vulnerabilities only demonstrate crashing bugs in file decoders, which are just annoyances. They only become "highly critical" when they allow part of the corrupt data to be misinterpreted as code; and he hasn't said or shown (publicly) that this is possible, just added some boilerplate "and or may allow for an attacker to execute arbitrary code". I think that, as the person crying 'wolf' here, the onus would be upon him to show that there's substance to those claims, or at least make a _definite_ statement about the possibility of executing malicious code.
2006-04-21 13:14:30
The Mac resellers pre-installing Windows XP article is interesting. As I understand it, the only way they can say "Sorry, we're not providing support" is if they're installing the retail version of Windows XP (Pro or Home). If they're installing an OEM version, they are responsible for support
2006-04-21 17:01:26

"See girl write letter. See Apple Legal send warning. See girl cry! Mean Apple!"

Made me laugh out loud.