Mac News

by Erica Sadun

iTunes and Indian Music. I stumbled across a fascinating post at the "One Where" blog which describes why Indian Music can be a poor match to iTunes. Problems include improper artist categorization and spelling, a lack of Bollywood know-how, and over-inflated prices. Well worth a look.

Cool Apple URLs. This post at offers a list of oddball Apple URLs you may never have known about, from NSA Panther docs to senior Apple Exec bios. Submit a comment and encourage the author to find more.

Overclocked Core Duo. Macenstein reports that the good geeks over at Cooling-Masters have overclocked a Core Duo to 3.8 GHz.

iTunes Media Store...? Ars Technica has a nifty article discussing whether Apple iPod/video/iPhone convergence is right around the corner.


2006-05-09 17:45:25
3.8 GHz?!? That thing must fly.
Erica Sadun
2006-05-09 17:48:50
Certainly beats my 733 G4. Man, I need a new Mac.
2006-05-09 18:37:25
The same things that Kesava Mallela points out about Indian music apply to plenty of other genres as well. Its basically a failing of the ID3 tagging system in the MP3 format, not of iTunes. I've had the same problems cataloging my music collection since long before MP3 even started making the news.
Small Paul
2006-05-10 01:22:58
I thought that iPod/video/iPhone convergence Ars blog post was cobblers. It's basic assumption seemed to be that since a couple of podcasts now come with PDFs, Apple is clearly planning a True Video iPod/general media reader that will do eBooks. And you'll be able to get printed eBooks as well.

Er, why? Who actually likes eBooks? Oh yeah, no-one. Why would Apple suddenly try and get into the publishing business, and go up against Amazon, and all the publishers in the world? And what the heck does the iPhone have to do with any of that? The blog post didn't seem to spell it out.

Utter speculative cobblers, from where I was sitting. Maybe I mis-read it.

Erica Sadun
2006-05-10 07:26:22
I'm not a native British English speaker. Please forgive me for not knowing what "cobblers" means. (Shoe construction and repair? River-washed stones?) However, yes, it's speculation and it ties into my personal hobbyhorse about where the iPod will be going convergence-wise. I liked the article.