.Mac Night in London

by Chuck Toporek

If you happen to live in London, England, and if you're a .Mac member, Apple is hosing a special .Mac Night at the Apple Store on Regent's Street.

Last July, Apple flew me out to the Chicago Apple Store for a similar .Mac Night, and I can tell you it was a lot of fun. The house was packed of the .Mac faithful, and there was a line around the corner down Michigan Avenue.

The man of the hour tomorrow night is none other than Paul Newman (no, not that Paul Newman), editor of iCreate magazine. If you're a Mac user, I'd highly recommend subscribing to iCreate magazine, even if you have to pay extra to get it shipped from the UK to the States. Month after month, iCreate continues to beat the pants off the US-based Mac magazines, and has been my Mac magazine of choice for almost a year now.

If you're in London and you're not doing anything on Tuesday night, head on down to the Apple Store at 7 p.m. for Paul's .Mac demo. According to Apple's site, they'll be giving away a limited edition .Mac T-shirt, and there will be special savings in-store that night as well.