Mac OS X 10.0.4 Released

by James Duncan Davidson

Mac OS X 10.0.4 is now available via Software Update. For the geeky among you Mac fans, the build number for this release is 4Q12. Several improvements to OS X appear to have been made in this release.

Apple's OS X website claims the following improvements:

  • USB improvements
  • Additional support for iTunes CD Burning
  • Improved battery life for PowerBook G3 users
  • Improved Classic
  • OpenSSH upgrade
  • sudo upgrade
  • Support for the new 17" flat panel display

In the few short minutes that I've worked with the update, I can report that OpenSSH (a tool that I use day in and day out) has been upgraded to version 2.9p1. Darwin, the underlaying UNIX kernel and BSD based system, has been upgraded to version 1.3.7. Window minimizing (the genie effect) and some other graphics operations seem to be slightly improved, though window resizing is still not anywhere approaching smooth on my PowerBook G4.

Digging through my file system (it seems that most of the components in this update were built on June 8th and 9th) and the installation package, it looks like we also have improvements to the various video drivers (both ATI and NVidia based), PPP (including PPPoE), AppleShare, Printing, several of the core frameworks (Carbon, CoreFoundation), and the Installation Framework. Tantalizingly, it looks like some files that are related to DVD playback and recording have been updated with 10.0.4. But, there is still no DVD player and inserting a DVD only mounts the disc onto my desktop and no more.

Of course, take this "unofficial list" as just that: "unofficial". It's the result of my poking around in the system to see what seems to have changed. Your mileage may vary.

Bottom line: This looks to be another in a series of updates to address the various issues OS X. I'm happy to see Apple continue to ship updates as they can even as they work to give us 10.1 later this summer.

What have your experiences so far with build 4Q12 (10.0.4) been?


2001-06-21 17:09:51
Still No PC Card Support, But Seems Like a Good One
First of all, I love the way Software Update works. It's so smooth.

This release still doesn't have PC Card support -- something that I'm aching for, but even without peeking under the hood, there seems to be some overall improvement in performance.

The real test for me will be tomorrow morning when I awaken my PowerBook G3 ... will there be three and a half hours of battery left (as in the old days of Sys 9), or will there be one hour remaining after a night of "sleep" (as with Systems 10.0.X)?

More to come ...

2001-06-21 18:58:48
Apple Tech Note about 10.0.4
Apple now has a tech note about the various changes in OS X 10.0.4. Find it at:
2001-06-22 09:18:02
Still No PC Card Support, But Seems Like a Good One
As a follow-up to my previous note, I did perform the battery drain test last night on my PowerBook G3. Much to my delight, when it came to life this morning it had three and a half hours worth of juice. I declare, the battery drain problem seems fixed with Mac OS 10.0.4!
2001-06-22 15:29:32
Lucent/Orinoco PC Card 802.11b?

Any hints as to the eventual availability of drivers for the 802.11b via Lucent/Orinoco PC card for us PB G3 users? Given the choice of wireless OS 9 and being tied to my desk by OS X, I've chosen the former -- but that's no bargain.

As a long-time Mac user, _hopeful_ is starting to wear a little thin.


2001-06-23 11:16:35
My iBook battery still stinks
No improvement here...haven't been able to get above 1.5 hours...before or after. Sigh.
2001-06-24 15:32:08
Lucent/Orinoco PC Card 802.11b?
I have no idea when the Lucent/Orinoco cards will be supported. Or if. I just took an extra Lucent card that I have around here and tried it with my laptop. No lights. No joy.

Some developers have been doing work porting the LinuxPPC 802.11b driver to OS X, but the last I checked it was still in the "shows promise, but non operational" state.

2001-07-06 10:27:36
Lucent/Orinoco PC Card 802.11b?
There be drivers here! See for details.