Mac OS X 10.1.2 Released

by James Duncan Davidson

Apple's OS X team has an early stocking stuffer for us: Mac OS X 10.1.2. For those keeping track of build numbers, it's 5P48. Grab it via Software Update.

This release fixes lots of bugs, and brings updates to several components. Noteably there is now support for IrDA modems on FireWire based PowerBooks and a new version of AppleScript that supports applications created with AppleScript Studio (which itself just arrived in the December 2001 Developer Tools package).

What have your experiences been with 10.1.2?


2001-12-21 22:38:52
Duncan, Find Your PC Card
The other improvements in this update are nice, but just wait till you put your digital photo media in the PC card slot of your TiBook ... you're in for a real treat!
2001-12-22 00:22:38
Duncan, Find Your PC Card
Oh yea! I glossed right over the readme's "Improvements to PC Cards" bullet item. I just pulled out my microdrive, stuck it into my PC Card adapter and voila, life is good