Mac OS X 10.2.1 Update -- So Far So Good

by Derrick Story

As soon as Mac OS X 10.2.1 was available via Software Update, I grabbed it. As much as I like Jaguar, the initial release had caused a few problems that I was anxious to fix.

Start with CDR burning. I burned a disc with my Sony CRX10U drive and tested it in Windows XP. Hooray! The Windows compatibility issue that had plagued Disc Burner in Jaguar seems to be fixed. The disc behaved well on both Macs and PCs.

Speaking of Windows, Virtual PC does run better with 10.2.1. I especially noticed improved scrolling in the Web browser -- almost a natural experience on the TiBook 667 running VPC 5.0.2. Other behaviors were smoother also. It's still not an environment I can spend too much time in, but for light Windows testing on the TiBook, VPC is now much more pleasant.

Other speed improvements on the TiBook include snappier Finder performance, better Entourage behavior, and much zippier Web page loading in IE.

For a real browsing treat in OS X, download Chimera 0.5. It's a clean, responsive browser that you might enjoy bopping around the Net with. The tabbed interface is a joy on laptops.

I was experiencing some Rendezvous connection problems in Jaguar that I haven't been able to duplicate in 10.2.1, and I ran through all the iApps without a hitch. Scrolling through large iPhoto libraries seemed better too.

So far, after a couple hours of use, 10.2.1 seems like a pleasant enhancement to Jaguar without any noticeable problems.

Let me know what your first impressions of Mac OS X 10.2.1 are.


2002-09-19 05:31:58
After upgrading to 10.2.1 my Wacom tablet (Graphire 2) stopped working. Reinstalling the Wacom softwarecured this.
2002-09-19 08:38:26
No comment on 10.2.1 but I highly recommend Chimera as a browser. Probbaly the best browser I've ever used.
2002-09-19 09:13:15
Dock magnifies smoothly again
I had to turn off the magnification of the dock in 10.2.0 on my iMac 800mhz because it was irritatingly jerky, unlike 10.1.x. Happy to report the dock is back to its smooth old self in 10.2.1.
2002-09-19 10:03:39
Chimera is the most intelligent, efficient, bug free browser I have worked with--and this includes IE, OW, iCab, Opera and Netscape. The interface is extremely clean and Tabs are great on laptops and form general window management. Java implementation is first class. It's my default browser.
2002-09-19 11:23:42
RE: Chimera
Chimera is ok, and quite speedy, but it is still missing many of the nice features contained in Mozilla. I don't think it is quite worthy of all this fawning yet, but at least there are some alternatives. It is too bad that OmniWeb has fallen so far behind.
2002-09-19 13:49:19
Knowledge Base Doc for 10.2.1
Here's the scoop from Apple as to what's happening in the 10.2.1 update.

2002-09-19 13:54:55
More On Chimera
We had a good discussion this morning here at work about Chimera and Netscape 7. Both browsers are bringing smiles to our Mac OS X users, and both have this very cool tabbed interface (many of us in O'Reilly online use laptops) that seems so smart and simple, we're wondering why we haven't seen it before. Netscape 7 has a bigger footprint, but can also do more. Chimera is smaller and more Spartan in its functionality. Both are zippy and stable. Things are looking up in the browser world for OS X users.
2002-09-21 12:11:14
FTP Client still broken though!
Well, I have to agree in part with the above comments. 10.2.1 fixes a lot of annoying little bugs and defects with 10.2, but many have escaped from Apple's programmers and are still present in 10.2.1.

An example would be the Finder FTP client feature, which not only doesn't work (is always read-only) but has been mentioned so many times in the Apple Support page discussions that I am sure everyone in their support should know about it (That is IF Apple reads their support discussion groups).

Another would be the iDisk part of .Mac which Apple wants to portray as an integrated feature of Jaguar, but is also plagued with several problems -- perhaps on the server side -- which remain unresolved.

I suppose I prefer Apple to release their software sooner and then keep sending updates and patches our way, but I suppose they need to streamline their QA process.

2002-09-21 20:37:54
No Music
Mac OS X 10.2.1 Update.. 466 G4 Will not read music CDs not happy ! YOU HAVE INSERTED A DISC CONTAINING NO VOLUMES .
2002-09-23 14:12:40
FTP Client still broken though! (Curious About iDisk Issue)
Thanks for your comments. I'm curious though, about the issues you've experienced with iDisk and Jaguar.

So far, I've had pretty good performance. The one exception has been when writing files from my client to Apple's servers. Sometimes, the write appears completed, but in reality there's a noticeable delay before the job is done.

In all other areas though, things have run quite smoothly for me.

What problems have you experienced?

2002-10-24 23:51:43
apache & cgi
If any of you have managed to get perl cgi scripts to work on 10.2.1 I would sure like to know how you managed it. So far I have tried for 2 weeks everything from changing httpd.conf to the permissions, paths programme linefeeds etc. and no joy: apache on OS X just appears not to communicate with Perl at all.
2002-11-07 18:58:44
I shouldn't have updated to 10.2...
...I should have done a little research, granted, but ordering 10.2 for free through the X for Teachers program was too much of a temptation. And as soon as I got it, I installed it. It turns out that there's a lot of small applications (Lite Switcher, Vanity Dockling) that don't work, or that crash--like Power Builder. That's the worst part--do developer cd!!! I'm taking a java class and wanted to learn more about programming in os x. I just found this all out and I'm really bummed.
2002-11-07 22:27:52
No Music
I am having the same problem.

What is the solution?

2003-01-09 06:44:42
I've been looking for information on what you mentioned -- I'm trying to operate Graphire 2 on OSX2 but have had problems. What problems were you experiencing? My tablet works, but my computer seems to freeze from time to time when I use Internet Explorer and I think this has to do with the tablet because I wasn't having these problems pre-tablet and OS X 2 seems to operate freeze-free on another machine.