Mac OS X and Sonnet Upgrades: Patience and Faith

by Brian Jepson

I'm eagerly awaiting the arrival of Mac OS X, which should arrive at my door today. Alas, I just got off the phone with Sonnet tech support, who told me that Mac OS X support is most likely (paraphrasing) "weeks, rather than months or days away."

That disappointment aside, I'm amazed that Sonnet can do what they do - I find the fact that they can put a G3 into a Power Mac 7200 quite astounding. I'm incredibly pleased with the performance of their Crescendo and Tempo cards, both of which are running nicely in my beige Power Mac, and coupled with an ATI Radeon, play Quake III quite nicely.

O, ye of little faith

Anticipating that it would be impossible to upgrade a 7200, I put a 7500 motherboard in my 7200/75 before taking the G3 plunge. If I had more faith, I could have waited for the Crescendo/7200. This time, I'll keep reloading the Sonnet Mac OS X web page, waiting for the day I can open the box containing Mac OS X and boot into it on my trusty beige box.

A bell rings.

Argh! the doorbell just rang, and the "world's most advanced operating system" is on my doorstep! Will I go mad waiting for Sonnet!?

Updated: I received a slightly more detailed answer from Sonnet via email. Apparently, the Tempo Ultra ATA/66 drive controller is supported out of the box in Mac OS X. What I'm waiting on, then, is an update that makes the Power Mac 7500, the Crescendo G3, and Mac OS X one big happy family.

Updated: A couple of people sent an interesting link my way. For the truly brave and adventurous, you might want to see if this helps out: