Mac OS X hanging disconnect

by brian d foy

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I've had to use my Powerbook's modem twice in the past month, and each time I got a hanging disconnect. The first time I waited a while, unplugged the phone cable, logged out, and other useless things before I rebooted. I hate rebooting. My uptime, a silly metric I take great pride in, was 38 days at that point (only because 38 days ago I upgraded the system software).

This time my uptime was 27 days (since the last time I had this problem during a holiday visit to family and had to use a modem). I figured there was a way to fix this with administrator kung-fu, but my sysadmin muscles have atrophied since I started using Mac OS X. Not only that, my prime resource, the internet, isn't available until I fix the problem.

Although I went through my process list and killed everything that looked like it was using the modem, I fixed the symptom: the scrolling "Disconnecting..." status message in my menu bar. Changing the modem settings and applying them (say, from modem sounds off to on) looked like it gave me back my modem, but Internet Connect only looked like it was responding and the status didn't change from "Idle".

Now I've found "End Hanging Disconnect", which is really just an AppleScript wrapper around sudo killall pppd, although it runs it 5 times just to make sure.

The little script has gotten some good reviews, but now I have to wait for a chance to use it. I'd like to see if it works for me, but I'd also like to never have that problem again. What's going to win?


2005-01-24 12:36:31
I have run into this problem.
Thanks for the pointer on how to deal with this problem. My PowerBooks uptime is 77 days. I seldom use dial up these days, but tried to last week and got that hanging disconnect. Next time I am near a phone line I will this a shot.

Lee Joramo

2006-03-10 14:17:13
I have the same problem with my bluetooth modem. EHD didn't help, at least the one time I tried it. It'd be nice someone figured out how to restart the modem without restarting the rest of the system. I suppose it's also tricky because the problem isn't that easy to replicate.